Austwide Freight


Loading unloading

AustWIDE Freight delivery vehicle can endeavor  to get as close to the location where the freight is to be pick up or as close to the location where the receiver would like the consignment unloaded. A safe loading  & unloading zone is essential. Warehouses, driveways, carports, garages are deemed safe. Roads and high pedestrian traffic locations are not ideal or however our AustWIDE Freight driver will make the final decision as to the safe location for the safe hand load / unload of the freight.

If the vehicle is unable to get close to warehouse, driveway, carport, or garage, the vehicle is to pull up in a safe location, and then deliver the goods, put them in a safe location.

AustWIDE Freight Agency is never authorized to deliver inside residential  premises or out the back yard of a residential premises.

AustWIDE Freight does not authorize and freight or goods to be rested against any other property despite what the client requests.

If the goods total weight is close to or over 500kg, there MUST be suitable people on site to help to unload. This must be pre arranged.

If there is nobody to help unload the goods, the AustWIDE Freight driver may use their own discretion relating to safety unloading the goods from the truck or returning the goods back to AustWIDE’s depot and arranging an alternative, safe delivery coinciding with additional people to help unload the goods.


If there is nobody onsite to take delivery, the customer will be informed.

If the customer authorizes the delivery to go ahead , a photo of the unloaded freight will be taken as Proof of Delivery and this will be sufficient proof of delivery to completed the delivery.

If delivery is to a building site, the goods can be placed or unloaded in the near vicinity of the vehicle. The AustWIDE Freight drivers must complete a site induction if they are requested to enter the building site in any other location other than the loading and unloading zones.

If it is raining at the delivery address, AustWIDE needs to reassess due to safety reasons as hazards such as water hazards, slippery ground, nature of ground and the general condition of the hand unload site at that particular time may arise. The goods may have to be delivered at another time at the client’s expense.

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