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AustWIDE Freight Management

Complete & centralised end to end transport management solutions.

Our complete centralised, end to end transport management solutions aims to minimise the financial impact for all our client’s metropolitan transport by improving inefficient supply chain processes.

AustWIDE Freight Cost Analysis

If you haven’t yet set time aside to really scrutinise your transport costs, freight carriers performances or carrier fuel surcharges, then you risk paying too much and cutting into your profits.

It’s a known fact that Transport costs, fuel surcharges and inefficient supply chain processes can significantly impact your profit margins. Our Analysis & Audit allows AustWIDE Freight to drill right down into your sdistribution processes and unravel any potential negative impacts to your clients. Our Cost Analysis & Benchmarking:

  • Cost Analysis
  • Cost Recommendation
  • Carrier Review
  • Benchmarking
  • Process Implementation
  • Service Implementation
  • Management of Transport Services
  • Benchmarking

Our company invests the time required into completing a comprehensive analysis of each transport service, procedures utilised and its current true cost to establish a benchmark. We then provide you our solutions and implement intelligent technology to cover all your transport requirements.

“AustWIDE Freight is providing you multiple transport options and services allowing you to save time and money whilst receiving impeccable freight services Australia wide through one central point utilizing our intelligent technologies to simplify your supply chain processes.”


We’ll take control of your transport by managing the entire process for you. This will allow you to re-focus on what you do best – your business. We will shoulder the burden and implement process improvement strategies to deliver your freight.

Partner with AustWIDE Freight – we will do the following, and more, on your behalf:

  • Analyse, Audit Current Freight Arrangements & Costs
  • Provide Recommended Solutions
  • Implement Solutions and Technologies
  • Provide Key Performance Reports
  • Provide Continued Customer Support
  • Maintain Direct Transparent Communication with You Throughout
  • Provide Proactive Alternate Solutions When Required

Reporting & Billing

Knowledge is Power!

Knowing your transport costs is vital to your business.

Our Reporting and Billing service includes Financial Reports and KPI Reports that provide accurate and timely information on your supply chain costs and performance. It also includes invoice consolidation – so that you receive a single but accurate invoice from AustWIDE Freight for all your transport services.

AUSTWIDE FREIGHT Reports include:

  • KPI Reporting Of Transport Services
  • Reporting Of Transport Costs
  • One Single Transport Invoice


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AustWIDE Freight is your complete transport solution within one company! Offering the most competitive rates to our clients whilst ensuring impeccable service levels are maintained each and every day for all your transport requirements!

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What We Offer



AustWIDE Freights’ remarkable ability to drill-down and unravel the issues that have the potential to negatively impact clients’ businesses is supported buy their extraordinary knowledge of the metropolitan transport industry, coupled with their unique and flexible software & technological solutions.



We become your logistics manager responsible for tenders, audits of freight costs and supply chains. We focus on your freight so you can focus on your business!
This involves: rigorous audits and analysis of freight costs, consolidation of freight needs to free up valuable resources, Full end to end implementation of recommended strategies along with ongoing customer support.



Using our extensive fleet of drivers we can pick up and delivery any freight any time throughout the metropolitan cities. We will move satchels, cartons, skids, pallets, crates, oversized and challenging freight quickly and professionally.



AustWIDE Freight provides one single central hub for all your metro freight transportation requirements! AustWIDE Freight manages everything for you from booking, pickups, transit, deliveries, invoicing, customer services, carrier KPI & management reports.



AustWIDE Freight manages all metropolitan freight services on behalf of our clients. AustWIDE Freight is dedicated to ensuring our clients always receive impeccable services accompanied with the most competitive rates at all times.